Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In: Finally, some sewing!

Hello, everybody!

You'd probably figured the minstrel had wandered off, and indeed, I got lost under a pile of grading and have only recently managed to find my way back into my sewing room! Just in time to participate in this month's Friday Night Sew-In.

I started out with this, on Friday afternoon:

FNSI: Start with some rows

And this:

FNSI: Getting started

I'm working on making two housewarming gifts for my talented artist friend Tracie, both from a Central Park charm pack. One is going to be a plastic grocery bag dispenser, from Rachel Griffith at Moda Bake Shop, and the other is a pillow using KarrieLynne's (of Freckled Whimsy) tutorial at Stash Manicure. Together these have used up most of my charm pack quite nicely, and I've got a bunch of 2.5" squares left over for me. :)

Before I had to go get Z from daycare I got the pillow center all together (the sashing is Bella Solid in Stone):

Pillow center all together

And both items spray-basted:


In the evening time I practiced my free-motion quilting on the bag dispenser, including a few spots of attempts at stippling but mostly swooping loopies:

FNSI: Quilted! (Bag holder)

And the pillow got straight-line quilting with my walking foot, with variable-width gaps between the Vs. I kind of like how this one turned out, especially since I did wide spacing for the last couple Vs, and the quilting makes the whole thing want to curve up at the center, which is just right for a pillow, don't you think?

FNSI: Quilted! (Pillow)

Ah, I'm so glad to be back sewing! Maybe now that I'm (mostly) caught up again I can catch up on layer cake blocks and get started on my Quilt of Valor, and perhaps I can catch up with all the rest of you, too...


  1. Gosh that Central Park fabric is awesome, I think I need to get some for myself! :) Love your straight-line quilting!

  2. What a great return to sewing! Both projects look great. :)

  3. Great fabrics! I love your projects. Looks like you had a successful evening. :)

  4. Those are wonderful! I love the wee squirrels on the Central Park fabric. :)

  5. i love Central Park! and your straight line quilting is fantastic.