Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WIP Wednesday!

Hooray! The best thing about being between semesters is that I can actually SEW, and I have the mental energy for trying stuff out! To wit:


I finally have something to share for WIP Wednesday: These hexagons are my first crack at English paper piecing, and they are destined for a mug rug for a good friend. I have discovered why hexagons are such a craze! Basting was relatively straightforward, and sewing them together was more fun than it really has a right to be. *g* I'm really happy with how these turned out, and I think the mug rug for me is going to have to be a hexie one, too!

(Note that this isn't my only WIP. In fact, today I got a whole bunch more pinwheels done for my daughter's Tweetygigs quilt. But this is the only WIP with photos...)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Finish! Dad's Sawblades

I'm so excited to share: My fourth big quilt, ever, finished! I present: Dad's Sawblades, the coziest lap quilt ever!

Dad's Sawblades, Finished!

51" x 64"
Flannel front and back, cotton batting
Quilted by Jan Johnstone at Adopt-A-Quilt

Dad's Sawblades

A little detail! I love the way it scrunched up in the wash, although I must admit I was surprised at how much it shrunk. I think it lost 8 inches or more...

Dad's Sawblades, labeled

Don't you love my new labels? *g*

I began this quilt in 2004; I bought the fabric from the quilt shop where I learned to quilt on our visit back to Ames for my Ph.D. graduation. It sat stagnant for several years until my dad delivered my beautiful handcrafted sewing cabinet and we agreed on a price that included a quilt for him. So finishing this was perfect!

My dad's a master woodworker, and my sewing cabinet is gorgeous. He's not the kind of dad who is particularly demonstrative, but how he feels is obvious from what he makes, and I only hope he gets the same message from my quilt for him.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teeny projects are just my speed

As the semester comes to a close (and what a semester it has been!), the only time I have for sewing is when I can steal it. So I'm ridiculously pleased with the three teeny projects I've managed to complete in the last couple weeks:

Fabric projects!

A Christmas ornament for my Ho Ho Holiday Swap partner, Tricia Ann (from the fabric she sent me, even!), and two mug rugs that are currently winging their way across the country to Invisible Internet Friends.