Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Monster of a Tiny Pillow!

Big exciting news here last week: My six-year-old daughter finally lost her first tooth!

I didn't manage to get a tooth-fairy pillow made before it happened, but now. Now we are ready for the next one! Yesterday I spent a couple hours and managed to get this little gem together:

I first saw the idea for this little monster of a tooth-fairy pillow here, which includes a link to the Etsy shop where I bought the pattern. I resized it to 85% of the original size to make this one. Zoe helped me pick out fabrics, and the two main fabrics in the monster are leftovers from a pillowcase I made for her. I especially like this one because a teeny monster is just up my daughter's alley!

I don't usually do applique, so this was a learning experience for me. I used heat-n-bond to fuse almost everything, except the mouth I made from a folded piece of fabric so it would be a nice pocket for lost teeth and money:

The first tooth earned my daughter a rare $2 bill; I don't know if the Tooth Fairy will remain so flush with cash for the rest! ;P