Saturday, June 18, 2011

FNSI results! And beautiful flowers!

Hello, lovelies!

It's a muggy Saturday here, and my sewing room is becoming a guest room for a couple days, so Friday Night Sew-In was my last chance at the machine for a few days!

But before I share my results, I want to point you in the direction of an artist friend of mine: Tracie Thompson in Minneapolis. I love pretty much everything she does! Case in point, her watercolor flower sketches:

Irises Peonies
Petunias Poppies

Aren't they cheerful? I'm thinking I may need at least one of these lovely watercolors for my sewing room! Unless one of y'all get to them first--Tracie has good prices, and she'll ship all over. (She does pet portraits, too--OMG SO ADORABLE--I encourage you to check her blog out! Each picture takes you to Tracie's blog, where you can also see the flowers in much better detail.)

And now for FNSI results! I got two blocks done last night (one for the layer cake QAL and one for the jelly-roll Quilt of Valor, and as always, click for bigger):

Layer Cake QAL: Block 8

Quilt of Valor: Block 10

And behind the cut, more pictures--I've gotten a lot done this week!

This week saw me burn a bit more on the Layer Cake QAL blocks--I've now got eight done, with four to go! I like how these are shaping up, a lot.

Layer Cake QAL: Block 6

Layer Cake QAL: Block 7

And all together, here's my eight:

Layer Cake QAL: Eight blocks down

It's going to be such a happy quilt!

I also got another jelly-roll Quilt of Valor block done this week--and I think this one might be another one of my favorites:

Quilt of Valor: Block 9

Here's the TEN(!) I've got done--only two left!

Quilt of Valor: Ten blocks down

I know I already did the 'stepping down' block in the brown-and-white strips, but I really wanted to see how it looked with the dark and light reversed. I'm glad I did it, even if it feels a little weird to be repeating a block in a sampler quilt.

And one more thing accomplished during FNSI: I've reached a (sort of) milestone in my construction of the Line Art queen-sized quilt for our bed:

Queen-sized Line Art quilt

That's 54 jelly roll strips, each with an ivory solid strip attached to one end. I've been doing this as a leader-ender thing while I piece the QAL blocks, and I was surprised last night to realize I'm done with this much! I've got to add ivory strips to the other end, and then I'll be able to sew them together into a QUILT!

How cool is that? It feels like, SURPRISE! YOU HAVE A QUILT! ;)

EDITED TO ADD: How excited was I to realize I can link to WIP Wednesday with this post? REALLY REALLY EXCITED. *g*

This week's stats:
New projects: 0
Completed projects: 0
In progress: 6

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  1. I love your blocks, especially the last one.... love those colors.
    This is my first FNSI, so I was really happy to get something finished.

  2. The colours in your Layer Cake QAL blocks go well with the colours in the bottom two prints. You should definite get one or both. If the quilt is a gift it could be a neat addition to the gift. If not, you could display the prints in the room with the quilt.

  3. Oh, you are so good to me.

    These things you make are such happy, bright, comforting things. :-) I enjoy seeing them.

  4. I am amazed at the amount of work you completed. They are all so pretty.
    I had less successful FNSI, but still had fun!

  5. Love both sets of blocks, the fabrics are so pretty. You have been very busy.

  6. I'm inspired. :) Definitely time to cut some scraps down into leader/ender pieces and see what I have at the end of a season.

  7. I love the blocks you are doing,where are the patterns from?