Saturday, June 25, 2011


Hello, lovelies!

My rotary cutter and I got a workout the past couple days: I'm making a lap-size quilt for the Kaleidoscope Quilt Along over at Don't Call Me Betsy, and the cutting instructions went up on Thursday. I've been working in chunks--90 minutes of cutting seems to be my max before I begin to worry about slicing fingers and need a break--and this morning I finished!

Kaleidoscope QAL: Scraps

And I managed to get a better picture of the pattern in my white tone-on-tone:

Kaleidoscope quilt

Check out these stacks! One hundred twenty white wedges!

Kaleidoscope QAL: Done cutting!

Well, I'm mostly finished. The layout plan I chose (with my husband's help, since this quilt is going to be for our living room) emphasizes the secondary patterns using different colors, so I'm a quarter-yard short for the red and orange.

Kaleidoscope QAL: Done(ish)

OH NO! I'll have to go buy more fabric! Oh, the hardship...

At least I had some help in the sewing room:

A helper

(Charm packs are great for 'making quilts.' Cameras require striking a pose.)

I'm also pretty excited because I've identified who's going to get my Dream On layer cake quilt--now I've got to get it finished!

I hope everyone's Saturdays are treating them well?


  1. I love your layout for the Kaleidoscope Quilt Along -- I'm doing something similar -- but don't have it all cut out yet!

  2. Oh that is looking amazing! I still have to start cutting....better get on that!

  3. Oh lovely - I especially like the orange fabric. It's going to be a beautiful quilt