Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday! Now actually on Wednesday!

Ah, Wednesday! Today is the day we all recover from our long holiday weekends!

My holiday weekend consisted of fourteen hours in the car, three repetitions of Beauty and the Beast, at least six repetitions of the Beauty and the Beast original Broadway cast recording on CD, one family reunion, one long-overdue and far-too-short visit with Tracie, ten years' worth of family memories while hunting for Grandma pictures, lots of glow-necklaces and glow-sticks shared among the family, a half-hour of delightful fireworks with commentary provided by Zoe, and more brats and hamburgers than I've eaten all year.

Today, we recover!

Fortunately, long visits also mean hand-sewing time, so I've made significant progress on my hand-pieced spring wallhanging (as always, click for bigger):

Spring wallhanging progress

I've got the center all together, and the first two borders on! Isn't it exciting?

Since my last post, I've finished cutting for all my quilt-alongs, and have finished Block #9 for the Layer Cake quilt:

LCQAL: Block 9

There were two blocks in the Layer Cake QAL that I didn't like so much, so I'm substituting, and this one came from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks magazine Vol 3: This one is called "What's the Point?" And I really like how it turned out!

My last sewing-with-my-machine day was last Thursday, when the Kaleidoscope QAL first-round-piecing instructions went up. So I did make some progress on those, although I'm not nearly done:


And I learned why my current place to put my drink while I'm sewing might not be such a good idea. To give you context, here's the setup, with my machine, my lamp, and my mug rug:

The setup

So Thursday night, it's hot, right? I had a giant mug of water (in the snowman mug, of course, because we're thinking cool, right?) and I'm sewing away. I reach for my water and OF COURSE knock it over, toward the back of the cabinet. The water misses most of the fabric stacks and splashes all over and down the back wall.

Which also happens to contain the outlet where my lamp and machine are plugged in.

I dried it up OK, with some help from Sonic the cat, and unplugged both the light and the sewing machine in the process. I discovered the Ott-Lite doesn't like such sudden unplugging--it needed a 20-minute cool-down before it'd work properly again--and I was quite thankful I a) didn't short out either of my pieces of equipment and b) was only drinking water, because tea would have been a much more difficult clean-up!

I guess the one thing Dad didn't include in this fabulous sewing cabinet was a cup-holder. *grin*

And now for the reckoning--I've 'officially' started the Kaleidoscope QAL since the last round of stats, so.

This week's stats:
New projects: 1
Completed projects: 0
In progress: 7

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  1. Whoa - good thing it didn't short out your machine! I really need to get another surge protector for mine.

  2. love that wallhangin!! Beautiful colours

  3. Holy cow, hand-piecing? Wow :) That's amazing! Good thing you didn't manage to get your machine with your water, phew!

  4. What a gorgeous cabinet -- would your dad make me one? ;) for such a busy week, you got a ton done. Wow! I love your wallhanging!

  5. I really love that "What's the Point?" block. And I seriously CANNOT believe you hand-pieced that spring wallhanging! Seriously impressive work!

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

  6. Love your wallhanging! I don't allow myself drinks around equipment. I'm too clutzy!

  7. I love your wall hanging! Great block and I have to now find it to make one :o)