Saturday, October 16, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In: Results!

OK, so the results of my first Friday Night Sew-In aren't exactly overwhelming, but I conquered some blocks for my hand-pieced spring sampler wallhanging that have been intimidating me: Flying geese.

Flying Geese the First

[Also, a note: Piecing by hand can be impeded by A) having Hugh Jackman on the TV, doing distracting things like leaping onto helicopters, being half-naked, and blowing things up, and B) two cats, who insist upon sitting directly in one's lap, which is also one's workspace.]

And here's the progress on the spring wallhanging, 20 of the 25 blocks are finished:

Progress: Spring Sampler

It's slow going, but I find that I thoroughly enjoy the process of hand-piecing, especially when I can do it while watching movies or talking with my husband or while we're traveling to places where I can't pack along my sewing machine. For the fall wallhanging I have a flying-geese all-batik quilt planned, and I'm tempted to hand-piece that one, too.

I imagine the next FNSI will involve the sewing machine--I really need to get going on my daughter's Tweetygigs, because she's going to be growing out of her toddler bed soon...


  1. Hand piecing! You are a brave woman! : ) They look great though, and it IS nice to have something you can do outside of the sewing room.

  2. I love the colours you have chosen for this project - just gorgeous

  3. Yep, those movies that require actual looking tend to impede progress with hand piecing. ; ) And Hugh Jackman distracts me, too.

    ~ Ronda