Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kindle madness!


So I gifted my mom with a new Kindle for her birthday, back in December, and after playing with it while we were visiting over the holidays, we decided we needed one, too. I really like reading on it -- it's very easy on the eyes! (Although the instant gratification of purchasing books over the wifi can be dangerous, indeed!)

And of course I want to carry it with me, so I needed to make a case. And then I needed to make one for Mom, too! (Click each picture to make it bigger, with much more detail...)

Origins Kindle caseOrigins Kindle case: Backside
Taste the rainbow!Rainbow Kindle case: Backside
Rainbow Kindle case: Peek! Rainbow Kindle case

I used this tutorial at the Sometimes Crafter, and I had to adapt the size for the new Kindles. To get the shape for the flap, I printed the template and used the highly scientific method of folding and scrunching the paper (and growling at it) until it was big enough, since I didn't have access to a photocopier to shrink the template. *g*

For our Kindle case (the first two pictures), I used some leftover Origins jelly roll strips and the lining is one of my daughter's flannel receiving blankets -- I really like the way the flannel is so soft on the Kindle.

I decided that the first case was a little big, so I made Mom's rainbow case smaller, although the next one should be a hair bigger. The rainbow is from a Kona brights charm pack, and the gray is Bella stone. And I had a much longer rainbow than I needed, so I used the leftover to make a mug rug to match!

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  1. They're both great! I have a Nook on its way to me and I am SO looking forward to making it a case.

  2. Congratulations on joining the Kindle collective! I love mine and gave my mom one for Christmas, too. Your cases are fantastic. One tip to keep from completely blowing your book budget is to purchase Amazon gift cards and remove your credit card info from the Amazon account. That way you can only spend what you've loaded with the gift card. The only problem with this is pre-purchasing books that haven't been released yet - it won't allow you to do that without a credit card. Also check out this blog: She posts daily summaries of free books available.

  3. These are so lovely and the perfect colors for a modern look!

  4. Nice colours, the blue and green really does it for me!

  5. Those are cute! I really like the quilting, too :-)

  6. Those are fantastic! Thanks for the link for the tutorial.

  7. The rainbow case is just beautiful!

  8. LOVE the rainbow case so much! yummy! :) thanks for linking up to {Sew} Modern Monday and have a great week!