Thursday, February 6, 2014

I won! Now to February...

Hello, loves!

I'm very glad to have gotten involved in the Lovely Year of Finishes -- and what a reinforcing surprise I got this week, when I got an email that I was one of January's winners! I'm going to pick out a pattern from SewBitterSweet designs. \o/!

And that just makes me want to set some goals for February! But first, I have to share this, my very first go at foundation paper piecing: A mug rug, all for me at my office!

And yes, that IS the same mug that Greg House used to drink from -- well, the same brand and color, anyway.

I made a six-inch block from the Lucky Stars BOM patterns, just to get my feet wet with foundation papers. I had a lot of fun with it!

And I think it turned out great. I love that when there's a mug on there it looks like the mug is radiating awesomeness. You can really see the tone-on-tone white print I used when I turn the flash on...

And now to the February goals! I am chairing the search committee for a new faculty member in our department, and we're interviewing candidates this month, so I'm going to try to be realistic in my goals, here. I've got one thing that needs doing but I've put it off for a long time: I have this beautiful quilt, all finished and ready to go to a soldier for a Quilt of Valor:

So what's the holdup, you may ask? Well, I'd hand-embroidered a label, and then when I washed the quilt the red thread in the label bled horribly. I've since tried stain remover and a second wash, and no dice. I am psychologically blocked, ashamedly apathetic, about picking out that label from where I'd hand-sewn and quilted it into the back, resewing a new label and sewing the binding down again. But I cannot send it off like it is now, either!

I have almost all the pages in the journal finished too, I just need to order it from Shutterfly. I have the presentation case made up and ready. It's like, two, three steps, teeny steps, even, and then I can send it off to a wounded warrior who could really use it and enjoy it.

SO! That is my goal for February -- finish those two-three teeny steps, finish the Quilt of Valor and package it and ship it, by the end of the month.

If I manage that, I'd like to get some more work done on the Totoro stuffies I'm making for a few invisible Internet friends, but that is definitely a secondary goal to getting that Quilt of Valor off my mental to-do list.

I'm linking up again with the Lovely Year of Finishes, because it's a great way to keep momentum to finish stuff all year long! Thank you, Melissa and Shanna, for organizing this!

A Lovely Year of Finishes

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  1. That Quilt of Valor is so -- I mean, all the usual adjectives apply, but more than that, it's not a pattern I've ever seen before. It's very individual, and I like that a lot.