Saturday, January 18, 2014

Two Babies, Two Quilts!

This past fall, near the end of the semester, two of my colleagues in my department had babies! Within about a week of each other! SO of course, I took the excuse to make a couple of wee quilts. :)

The first quilt I finished I made using a kit that my own Z and Mr gifted me for Christmas, back when Z was 2 (she's 6 now, if that gives you an idea of how long this kit has been in my closet!):

Crayon Confusion
40" x 40"

I free-motion quilted teeny meandering loops over everything except the crayons and the crayon lines, and I really like how it turned out. And I adore the backing:

The second quilt was also from a kit, this time chosen by me, and it's a bit bigger although it went together quick:

Baby Geniuses
47" x 56"

This one I ended up quilting almost all in one day -- it's amazing how much you can get done when you spend the whole day in the sewing room instead of on the computer!

I did straight-line quilting in the sashing, free-motion spirals in the blocks, and wavy lines with the walking foot in the borders.

I think my FMQ is still not so great, but I do like the overall effect! And I like that this one is big enough it could be a toddler bed quilt, too.

It feels so good to get these done! I now have a bit of a breather between big projects, I think -- I am starting to learn paper piecing, so I will be able to catch up to the Lucky Stars block-of-the-month, and I have a twin-size quilt commission from my mom. But! First I'm going to make some stuffies for some friends, and maybe a small project or two for me. :D

(This post will link up to the Lovely Year of Finishes, when the end-of-January linky opens. I met my January goal, finishing Baby Geniuses! Woo!)


  1. Adorable quilts! Congrats to you for meeting your goal! Must feel good.

    1. Thank you! It definitely feels good to meet that first big goal, and also to get these two done before the babies are all that old! :D

      Now the trick will be to get something done in February...

  2. Both are really cute, but I have to say I love the crayon one! Cute pattern!

    1. Thank you! My Mr is a little sad I'm giving it away, but Z has outgrown it and I know that the recipients will be happy with it for years. (Not to mention I've made Z many things! :D)