Friday, February 11, 2011

Sliced Coins: Now With Sashing!

So now that the TweetyGigs is off the guest bed, it's time to catch up on my quilt-alongs! I'm less behind on the Sliced Coins, so this is where I started. I had less sewing time this week, as the first round of portfolios have come in for grading...

But today I put the last sashings on the Sliced Coin quilt!

Sliced Coins: all together!

Once I had it together, I realized that to make it the baby size advertised, I should have made only three stacks--that would make the quilt finish at 37x48. As it is, with four stacks, it's about 48" square, and I decided to run with it, since I hadn't already cut the top and bottom sashings:

Sliced Coins--now with sashing!

I've got two more of these planned (in the baby size), because these are so quick, and so addictive! And reasonably easy to justify the cost, when I can get sweet little fat quarter stacks for less than $12.

Nicey Jane

I think I'll give this current little square quilt to a friend of mine who's expecting her second. It would also look wonderful as a bed-topper in the guest room, but that bed is so often workspace for quilts-in-progress that I think the quilt would be better served and loved with my friend's family. :)


  1. It's beautiful! I love the look of a clean, simple, bright and white coin quilt. I'm working on a variation of a coin quilt, and I've really enjoyed the mindless piecing.

  2. Oooo, yours looks great! Can't wait to see that Sweetwater one either! ;)

  3. Wonderful colors. Looks like a lot of fun!