Sunday, February 6, 2011

Weekend Accomplishments!

Hello, lovelies!

I am beside myself with excitement! This weekend's sewing time was devoted to getting Z's TweetyGigs finished and ready to go to the long-arm quilter. I'd gotten the backing seamed together, a slice cut through to add the charm row, aaaaand...the charms sewed on the wrong side. So Saturday night was spent picking out 80 inches of stitching. GRRR, ARGH.

But! This morning went far better!

While Z was parked on the guest bed, I finished piecing the back together! (As always, click for bigger)

TweetyGigs: Backside

I spent most of naptime de-cat-hairing both the backing and the top, as well as trimming stray threads:

TweetyGigs: De-cat-haired

And then! I had a lovely package to take to the long-arm quilter!

TweetyGigs: Ready for quilting!

And I delivered it this afternoon, so--no more pictures 'till it's done, I promise.

Now, on to my entry for the block party, and catching up on the layer cake quilt-along, and adding sashing to my sliced coins, and maybe starting on...and...and...and...

It feels SO GOOD to have that done! YAY!

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