Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flashback: Fireworks Quilt

Today I'd like to share, for Fabric Tuesday, a little bit of a blast from the past: My Fireworks quilt (click for bigger).

This is a generously-sized lap quilt, begun at a stack-n-whack class and finished in fall 2004. It goes with absolutely nothing in our decor (or probably anybody else's), but I love the way the pinwheels turned out.

I have fond memories of creating the pinwheel blocks in our tiny apartment kitchen, in the evening time after a day spent working on my dissertation. Since I hadn't peeked at the triangle stacks after I'd whacked them, I didn't know how each block would turn out, and it was always exciting to see! I'd take them in to the Mr to show him, too. :)

To get the layout I liked, I took photos of each block, rotated and cropped each photo so it was 'on point', and then I made several test arrangements on the computer.

The quilting was done by a local long-arm quilter, using a computer-driven machine and a stars-n-loops pattern. I kind of wish she'd used rainbow thread instead of red-white-blue, but I still like it.

We've used this quilt for all kinds of things--like going under the 6-month-old so she could play without spitting up on the carpet--and now it lives in my sewing room as a spare blanket for the guest bed.

What I really want to remember from my experience with this quilt is that when I first started quilting, I was confident in my ability to mix colors and fabrics, to envision what a quilt would look like and to trust my instincts. I knew this fabric would make an awesome stack-n-whack quilt, and I surprised many of the other, older ladies in my class by picking it. I don't ever want to forget that confidence, that trust in my eye and my instincts--there are so many inspiring quilters out there, but there can be one in here, too, if I listen to her.

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  1. wow that's really cool! i came from fabric tuesday :)

  2. What a beautiful quilt! LOVE it! My family is crazy about fire works, what a neat idea for a quilt. Thanks for sharing.

  3. You said it! I have done two stack-n-whack. One was fabric sent from a friend with six repeats and one was with eight. Both of them turned out well although I did them by marking each piece by hand rather than trusting myself with a rotary cutter.

  4. Amazing quilt - I'm glad you listened to your own instincts - it turned out fabulous.

  5. Your instincts were right on! Love the colors and most definitely a firework quilt! (I am seriously listening to the song FIREWORK right now :)