Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Recipe for TweetyGig Happiness

I'm a little late to the WiP Wednesday party, but I have progress! :)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I got two more blocks done to catch up with the Layer Cake Quilt Along, blogged about here.

And I've also been plugging away at my three-year-old's twin quilt. This afternoon, after work and before Z came home from daycare, I followed my recipe for happy TweetyGig progress:

Take some HST units:

HST Pile--Start!

Fill your iron with water and get the iPig speakers ready (I always get a kick when I realize I'm quilting to a soundtrack of Soundgarden and Metallica and Lady Gaga):

Music and steam

Arrange your workstation, including coffee, lightweight Ginghers (a Christmas present from my husband, yay!), and a waiting machine:

Get ready...

Distract Echo the cat by hanging a selvedge from the doorknob:

Distract the cat

Then make pinwheels! Sew your HST units together, and be sure to pin the geewhillikers out of your blocks for optimum point alignment:


I have been squaring my blocks as I finish them, so have a pile of trimmings:


EXCITEMENT! Marvel over how your stack of HST units has diminished:

HST Pile--Finish!

And add a dozen more pinwheels to the pile:

And I'm half done!

I'm over half done: I have 38 down, 29 to go! YAY!

Because the WiP-ers like to add stats, I'll refer to my 2011 goals post (hee):

This week's stats:
New projects: 0
Completed projects: 0
In progress: 4

Be sure to stop in at Freshly Pieced for more WiP Wednesday linky goodness, and welcome to all who've wandered in!


  1. Oh my. I. Love. Your. Sewing. Cabinet. Oh my gosh. I desperately want such a thing!!! Wherever did you find yours? Your pinwheels look fantastic, and I'd love to see your quilting playlist - I've been half thinking that it would be hysterical to do a linky party on that very topic, because it would be super interesting to see how different we all are! Yours sounds fantastic :)

  2. Lov'n your pinwheels! Wonder if the selvage on the door knob will work to distract my dog?

  3. Awesome pin wheels! And I've never seen my sewing space so neat as yours ... I promised my husband I'd clean it up this week! Now I'm inspired!

  4. Yay for progress! Those are cute pinwheels! I am truly jealous of your workspace. Especially the sewing table. Someday...

  5. I love your pinwheels! I have always wanted to work with them, but somehow I think making those points line up would put me over the edge! I am also envious of your sewing space! I have my sewing spread out over the dining room table and it's not pretty to say the least...

  6. I know, I second the comments about your sewing cabinet! I want one too! Where on earth did you get it?

    Your pinwheels look absolutely perfect! That quilt is going to be adorable. Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday, have a wonderful week!

  7. Love the sewing space! :) I too have some "crazy" playlists I listen to while sewing...but don't have a cool pig system to play it on! Too cute! Love the pinwheels!

  8. My sewing space is open to much of our townhouse, and too close to my three-year-old's bedroom for me to truly rock out as I would like.

    The pinwheels are really coming along!