Saturday, January 1, 2011

For 2011: STITCH IT UP

So Elizabeth at Don't Call Me Betsy posted this wonderful Lofty Quilty List, and I think it's a fabulous idea to outline the projects one wants to complete in the new year. Since I'm an odd duck in the quilting world (I don't have a stash; I mostly buy fabric as I plan projects), I thought I'd pull out those planned projects and WIPs and get them in one place:

2011 projects

And another view:

2011 projects, redux

For 2011, my first goal is to complete the WIPs I'm in the middle of:
  • Dream On Layer Cake Quilt Along Quilt: I'm a few blocks behind on this one (the end of the semester was full of GRRs), but I hope to catch up soon and stay caught up. :)
  • Mug rugs: The hexie one for a friend, and one for me, and one for the Mr. And that should do it. Maybe.
  • Tweetygigs: My daughter's twin-sized pinwheel quilt made with mostly Tweet Tweet. Here's a closer shot of my progress--I'm 26 blocks down, 41 to go. (Click for a better view!)

    Tweetygigs: In progress
  • And of course I forgot to include in the pile the hand-pieced spring wallhanging I'm in the middle of, so here's a slightly older progress picture:

    Progress: Spring Sampler
And more planned projects:
  • Falling Geese: The beautiful batiks on the corner of my cabinet are going to be a fall wallhanging of flying geese--browns and russets and greens, oh my.
  • Origins All in a Row: A queen-sized quilt for our bed, made with the Origins jelly rolls using the Line Art pattern adapted from the recent Quilts & More magazine.
  • Color Z Happy: The stack of colorful fabric at the top of this picture

    Closeups: Projects

    was picked out as a Christmas gift for me from my daughter, and it will look fabulous hanging in her room. :)
  • At Home for Advent: An advent calendar from the Christmasy fabric in the center of that last picture, using Lee's tutorial from FreshlyPieced.
  • A Central Park-and-grey HST pillow, to brighten a friend's new home.
Lastly, I hope someday, if I'm not too intimidated:
  • The fireworks flimsy hanging off my chair is a randomly-pieced giant thing that was originally intended to be a backing for my Fireworks stack-n-whack quilt that I made several years ago. I got impatient, and got the Fireworks quilt finished with a plain back, and now I have enough fabric and black batting for this flimsy. The plan is that I'm going to learn free-motion quilting with it and use it as a utility quilt--except I've had the batting and backing for a year now...
  • Links: The little green-and-white makeup case in the picture is what I use for my hand-piecing kit, and I would like to make a blue-and-white-and-red quilt out of that pattern, as a Quilt of Valor.

Wow. I didn't think I had all that much fabric, but when I put it all together like that, I've got quite the list! I'll be excited to see how this pile changes over the course of the year...

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  1. It looks like you have something to keep yourself out of mischief. I'm still drooling over the sawtooth myself.