Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WiP Wednesday #14

It's that time again: WiP Wednesday!

I'm knee-deep in grading and other job-related stuff, so my sewing time has been reduced pretty drastically, but that doesn't mean I'm out of the groove entirely! I got the rest of the fabric for a quilt-along I'm planning with my MIL, as well as some sweet fat quarters (Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow) for a girl baby quilt:

New fabric!

Ahhh, Blissful goodness!! This jelly-roll quilt is going to be a Quilt of Valor, and I'm really looking forward to starting it in March. It also makes for an inspirational set of fabric stacks to decorate my sewing table!

Inspirational stash

This weekend I managed to get the sashing on and the top entirely finished on my Sliced Coins (blogged in more detail here):

Sliced Coins: all together!

I'm also mostly done with the back (just a few more seams!):

Coin stack for the back

And the binding is cut, if not quite ready to put on yet:


And I finished one more block in my hand-piecing project, which puts me at 23/25, and then the squaring/sewing together will commence! But alas, the stats haven't changed.

This week's stats:
New projects: 1
Completed projects: 0
In progress: 6

I encourage you to check out everyone's WsIP at Lee's--they're all inspirational!

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  1. I love the label, drool over this fabric. LOL cause that is exactly what I am doing. And your Sliced coins is lookin' good!

  2. Sliced Coins quilt is really pretty!

  3. I'm in awe of your Sliced Coins. *drool* Gorgeous!

  4. Those fabrics are awesome! I really like your coin quilt.

  5. I like your Sliced Coins quilt. Very Nice!

  6. The sliced coins does look awesome indeed, and such lovely colours - cheerful without being over-bright. And such neat stacks of fabric on your sewing table! Those jelly rolls look good enough to eat ;D

  7. Mmmm, I so love Modern Meadow! Can't wait to see the quilt you make with it! And your Sliced Coins quilt is looking so great!

    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday, have a wonderful week.